Car Park Ventilation System

Car Park Ventilation System

AVSL is expert in the design and installation of both commercial and residential Car Park Ventilation Systems.

Car park venting systems are required to exhaust pollutants produced by vehicles and, in the event of a fire, clear smoke to assist the fire service. Depending on the type of car park, there are a variety of ventilation systems that can be utilized. We have many solutions and products in our AVSL to serve you in that lineup.

Ducted car park Ventilation systems

Jet & tunnel fan Ventilation Systems

Carbon monoxide detection and ventilation system

Parking spaces are highly sought after, especially in bigger cities. As a result, there are more car parks being built. AVSL, a supplier for fans for road tunnels has a lot of expertise in design and construction in close cooperation to the authorities.

We are experts in the design and manufacture of thrust ventilation systems for underground parking lots and delivery bays. The market for parking facilities has been revolutionized by our car park ventilation solutions that use small and compact jet fans. These car parking fan have been demonstrated to be valuable assets in optimal ventilation, reducing toxic exhaust gases and smoke emissions from a car park fire.